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Chapel Hill Academy



With a mission

Chapel Hill Academy is a tuition-free public charter school operated by Lena Pope, a local nonprofit that has been working with children and families since 1930 to equip children, families, caregivers, and community with a strong foundation. We believe each child can achieve great things when they are encouraged to learn in ways that work for them. Chapel Hill Academy is opening the door to this success by fostering young minds for a bright future!

University Bound


At Chapel Hill Academy, students are taught about the importance of college at a young age. Studies have shown that college readiness and academic perseverance is largely based on how well students can utilize their critical thinking skills. CHA staff want to ensure that there is no question — college is an attainable goal, and students should be well-prepared to become critical thinkers at an early age.

Learning Philosophy


The educational philosophy of Chapel Hill Academy is founded on addressing the individual needs of children and their families. The school is built upon a student-centered curriculum that focuses on stages of development, fosters individual interests, and places value on diversity and the social nature of learning. We believe that all students, regardless of background, can succeed through a strong academic foundation and a positive learning environment.

Faculty & staff

Faculty &

Chapel Hill Academy maintains an exceptional roster of faculty and staff, made up of individuals who have devoted their lives to the success of our students. Our staff is comprised of highly-qualified educational professionals, who work every day to build a positive educational experience that leads to academic excellence. Significant time is spent on instilling a sense of respect for self, as well as for others, taught within a safe and structured environment. CHA staff aim to equip each of our students with self-discipline and conflict resolution skills, so they can navigate life’s opportunities and challenges.

“The best school ever.
Staff is wonderful” 

– C. Jackson

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“Great school. We love it.
Teachers go above and beyond.”

– K. Culpepper

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