Staff Directory

The dedicated staff
of Chapel Hill Academy

The staff of Chapel Hill Academy are open and accessible to be contacted to address the needs of the students and school.

Last nameFirst NameExtensionPositionEmail
Bailiff Lydia 0245 School Social Worker
Banfield Hazel 0295 Teacher 3rd Grade ELA/SS
Barrett Amy6104 Guidance Counselor/504/ESL Coordinator
Berk Brooke 0257 Instructional Specialist
Blair-Cox Lisa 0272 Teacher 4th Grade Math/Science
Briggs Ricky 0274 Teacher 2nd Grade
Castillo Veronica Instructional Assistant – PK
Cook ShaRon 6150 Administrative Assistant
Daniel Ron 0277 Teacher Performance Studies
Ellis Gina0258 Teacher Pre-Kindergarten
Fisher Courtney 6108 Teacher 1st Grade
Gardner-YoumanIanthe Cafeteria Staff
Gendreau Kelly0249 Math Specialist
GonzalezMaricela Cafeteria staff
Gonzalez Marissa 0259 Dyslexia Specialist
Holiday Jeremy 6151 School Receptionist
Jackson Toyshell 0269 Teacher 6/7 Grade Science
JimenezWendy6163 Teacher 5th Grade Math
JordanLisa Cafeteria Staff
King-Daniel Denise0266 Teacher 4th Grade ELA/SS
Kingsbury Melanie G/T Specialist
Kuehner Shay 0244 Federal Programs Coordinator
LaneKayla0297 Teacher Kindergarten
Lara AnnaSpeech Pathology Assistant
LaraJohnathan0281 Teacher 6/7 Grade Math
Lazarin Rey 0275School Nurse
LeMary6154 Teacher Art – Middle School
MadeyKristi6170 Teacher 3rd Grade ELA/SS
MadridStephen6175 Teacher Theater – Middle School
MalikShelbea0283 Teacher 1st Grade
Marks Jessica0286Literacy
Marshall Roger 0250 Teacher Kindergarten
Martinez Tomas 6156 Teacher Spanish – 6/7
Mess Shawnte 6110 Special Education
Miller Amy Jo 6161 Associate Principal
Nevels Carolyn 6158 Cafeteria Manager
Olivarez Rachel 0243 ARD Facilitator
Palacios Ricardo Relay Teacher
Pena Juanita 6166 Teacher 3rd Grade Math/Science
Pete Kamille 6113 Teacher P. E. – Middle School
Ramirez Robert 0247 Assistant Campus Director
RamirezBarbara Instructional Assistant – PK
Randle Cheryl 6168 Teacher 4th Grade ELA/SS
Reardon Regina Instructional Assistant – PE Middle
Reeves Natasha 6111 Teacher 5th Grade ELA
Robinson Parker 6107 Teacher P.E. – Elementary
Rodriguez Dee Dee Instructional Assistant – PE Elementary
Runnels Lana 0284 Teacher 2nd Grade
Samples Rachel Cafeteria Staff
Schauermann Tracy 6106 Teacher Pre-Kindergarten
Scheibel Julie 0291 Campus & Community Engagement Coord
Scott Ashley 6155 Teacher Kindergarten
Shephard Ryan6173 Special Education
Sifuentes Rolando 6174 Teacher 5th Grade Science
SimpsonMargie 0299 Child Nutrition Coordinator
Skipper Kaci 6112 Administrative Assistant
Sloter Jude6164 Special Education
SnyderShelby0273 Teacher Kindergarten
Thomas Kearstin 0268 Teacher 1st Grade
Timmerman Shelby 0264 Dean of Instruction & Discipline
TovalDawn6160 Teacher 2nd Grade
Trevino John 0263 Teacher Pre-Kindergarten
Turner Arlondria 6153 Teacher 4th Grade Math/Science
Vasquez Gloria 6162 Teacher 1st Grade
Villavicencio Ramona 6171 Medical Assistant
Waters Don 6172 Behavior Interventionist
Watson Brittany 0255 Speech Pathologist
Williams Sarah 6176 Teacher 6/7 Grade ELA
Wrobel Courtney Relay Teacher
Wrobel Mason Teacher Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten